The management and staff of The College of Health and Fitness are committed to providing Training and Assessment services, resources, support and equipment in a condition and environment that is conducive with achieving competency in the units of study undertaken.

The Management of The College of Health and Fitness will promptly provide copies of all qualification and statements of attainment achieved by enrolled students and provide ongoing assistance to enquiring students with regard to their record of course progress, achievements and statements of attainment.

The College of Health and Fitness applies sound and accountable financial practices within its day-to-day operations and maintains its adherence to equitable refund policies. (These are explained in the student enrolment form)

The College of Health and Fitness is committed to implementing best practice in its records management practices and systems, responding in a timely manner to all requests of information from present and past students. All staff employed by The College of Health and Fitness will be required to apply themselves to the provisions of the Privacy and Protection of Personal Information Act 1998.

The Management and staff of The College of Health and Fitness provide assistance to all clients to identify and achieve their desired outcomes. The College of Health and Fitness is committed to providing training and assessment services to all clients regardless of race, religion, sex, socio-economic status, disability, language, literacy or numeracy and upholds the principles of equal opportunity.

The management and staff of The College of Health and Fitness are committed to supporting The RPL enquiries and requests from potential and enrolled students. Enrolling students are supplied with relevant RPL information at initial contact and orientation events prior to undertaking studies. Further support is provided with relevant RPL tools following RPL application.

The College of Health and Fitness is committed to securing and reviewing advice and feedback from all its stakeholders involved in the delivery of its Training and Assessment services.

Clear and accurate advice is provided to all enrolling students at The College of Health and Fitness. Initial contact, orientation and the commencement of studies is supported by the provision of timely information concerning enrolment procedures, vocational outcomes, fees, access and equity, guidance and support, complaints and appeals procedures and RPL arrangements or credit transfer.

The Management and staff of The College of Health and Fitness conduct periodic reviews to ensure that it is compliant with all state and federal legislative requirements for RTO’s including but not limited to OH&S, Harassment, Discrimination, Equal Opportunity and Vocational Education and training legislation.

The Management and staff of The College of Health and Fitness are committed to marketing its training and assessment services in an accurate, ethical and responsible manner ensuring that all clients are provided with timely and necessary information.

The complaints and appeals policy of The College of Health and Fitness shall ensure that all complaints are dealt with in a constructive and timely manner. All complaints and appeals shall be reported in management meetings and corrective solution forms shall be raised detailing the actions required to arrive at satisfactory resolve of each complaint and grievance.


Lee-Ann Hargreave

I was a 55+ woman who was struggling to find work. As i loved to train myself I decided to complete a course in health and fitness. The team at the College of Health and Fitness were marvelous. Any questions I asked they were happy to answer. I have to thank Bridgett Cooke for her fabulous teaching skills and the ability to make me feel comfortable in a class of people who were a whole lot younger than me. I am proud to say I passed with flying colours and I am now employed in a gym doing what I love. I would recommend the College to anyone who wants to get into the fitness field.


Joanne Van Der Linden

TCOHF made it possible for me to get the qualifications I needed while still being able to work full time.


Brett Gerhardt

Great courses. Thorough teaching by very helpful qualified instructors. I reccomend this facility above all others.


Cassy Levinge

Great staff. Course Instructor is very approachable and knowledgeable, I am very glad I enrolled at TCOHAF.



its a good college really help full i my self love it



The team was so supportive and responded quick to my questions!


Jordie A-B

Great place to get your Certificates done! Super supportive environment and great communication!


Meeah Adkins

Really great course, and very affordable.


Penguin On A Bike

I enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere of the staff and the clear instructions given when completing the course.


Curtis Ide

The college of health and fitness was extremely informative with explaining the questions and very helpful getting through the coarse.