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Vocational Education, (VET) is for high-school students looking to create a career in fitness. The College of Health & Fitness (COHAF) has courses that enable you to graduate with an industry-recognised qualification. Become instantly employable in a multitude of industries including Sports, Recreation, Health, and Business. Our national & international network can access many major industry employers who may have exciting opportunities for you to pursue. Courses are usually undertaken at school alongside or instead of your usual studies.


Specific skills for a career in Sport & Recreation, Fitness, Business, or Health. You will also learn more generic skills in communication, problem-solving, and occupational health & safety that are applicable to a wide range of industries.
The opportunity to not only study theory but gain practical experience as well.
Be considered as a step ahead of the competition for jobs due to your additional experience.
Learning of the latest industry knowledge as well as up to date skills.
Learn from qualified trainers who are ready to advise you on your studies. They want you to pass your qualifications, and they are always ready to listen and answer any questions.
Progression towards a nationally-recognised qualification.
Hands-on experience in a real or simulated workplace so that you get the chance to apply the knowledge you are learning through your qualification.
The skills and experience required to help you progress to tertiary studies.

STUDY Study While in School


VET stands for Vocation Education and Training. Get the chance to undertake higher level study while you’re still at high school. You may also complete a work placement or simulation to put your newly-learnt skills into practice. Learn from industry-leading experts and gain a qualification that can help you get employed before you even leave school.

The College of Health & Fitness works in partnership with many Queensland schools to provide an opportunity for students to undertake their Certificate II in Health Support Services, Certificate III in Health Administration, Certificate III in Fitness or Certificate III in Business (& in some cases their Certificate IV in Fitness or Certificate IV in Business). Some of these students complete their course at school, while other students attend face-to-face classes at our College locations. Our easy to use eLearning platforms allow students to access their theory workbooks, their texts, and other valuable resources from the comfort of their own home or classroom. Plus, trainer support is easy to access so you can ask questions of your tutors any time.

VET Apprenticeships

School-based new apprenticeships and traineeships allow year 11 & 12 students to work with employers as paid employees. They can do this while studying for a senior certificate, but this is different to doing a VET course as part of normal studies. School-based apprentices/trainees will undertake a training qualification with a supervising RTO such as the College of Health & Fitness, usually in addition to normal studies.

​As a school-based apprentice/trainee you will be required to do a range of entry-level tasks in the workplace under the supervision of your employer. The skills & knowledge you gain on the job will help when you apply for future jobs that ask for ‘experience’. You never know, your school-based apprenticeship/traineeship may turn out to be a long-term job.


Depending on which qualification you choose, the duration will vary and you may be required to undertake practical work experience. The good news is that you can study our vocational courses while still at school. Our instructors will support you by phone, email or in-person to help you achieve your nationally recognised qualifications.

Contact us today to discuss the qualification you are considering and we can let you know the duration of that course of study.


Depending on which qualification you study as part of the VET in schools program, you may be required, or have the opportunity, to undertake work experience in the industry. Fitness & Health qualifications, for example, require you to spend time in a workplace to gain important skills and knowledge. Making a good impression during this work placement could help you secure employment in the future.

Vocational courses offer skills & knowledge you will need in the workplace, and many of these skills are relevant no matter where you end up working. Everything you learn will help with your future work or study.


Each of the qualifications you can undertake as part of VET study has different entry requirements. To find out more about the requirements for your chosen program, give us a call and we can give you more information.


We can help you to investigate funding options from the Department of Employment, Small Business & Training’s VET investment budget. If you’re at school & you haven’t already completed a funded course, there’s a good chance that you’ll be eligible for funding through the Certificate 3 Guarantee. The College of Health & Fitness helps you figure out your eligibility and usually, we have an answer within 48 hours. Connect with us & we will step you through the application process. We make it easy and you won’t be tied into having to study just by asking if you’re eligible.

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